Essential Tools to Create PDF Ebook

Have you ever wanted to become an eBook writer and share your thought and feeling around the Internet? As we all know, PDF format is one of the best format for information transferring and storage. Why not write something and create your own PDF ebook, for sharing or money? Believe me, do not think only the people who graduated from literature of famous university can be good writer. Everyone can be a good writer as long as you write with your soul and inspiration.

Writing a book seems a difficult and complicated task. In the past, there must be publishers, budget, and bookstores and so on to deal with when you want to publish a book. But with the development of Internet, just a few tools and Internet can turn your dreams into reality.

Word Processor A word processor is the essential tool for a writer. Writing your story down and save it in electronic document is the first step to create your own ebook. When it comes to word processor, people will think of Microsoft Word immediately. That is the most popular software in the whole world. The features like word count and the spell check, and tons of fonts and so on, all of them are useful for writers. From Microsoft 2003 to 2007 and the upcoming Microsoft Office 2010, the Microsoft office can handle almost everything you throw at it. However, Microsoft Word is not the only choice for an eBook writer. yWriter 4 is an easy-to-use program. It allows writers to juggle all kinds of writing projects and break them down into pieces so that users can easily manage and track. Or WordPerfect, which has a long history since 1980. Many experienced writers recommend it. WordPerfect can save to Word DOC, and it can open Word DOC, plus rtf, and a host of other files. yWriter 4 and WordPerfect is much cheaper than Microsoft Office. There are some free service like Open Office, Google Doc as well. Just pick your favorite Word processor and finish your story.

PDF Tools After finished your writing, create a book cover using Photoshop or something like this, then insert to your document. And the following step is to create your story from Word document to PDF files.

Create PDF eBook from Word document If you have the Microsoft Word 2007 or 2010, you can easily save your document as PDF format. If you are using a lower version or other word processor, you need a PDF creator. If you have Adobe Acrobat, the conversion would be professional, but it’s too expensive for many casual writers. Just find a Word to PDF converter to help you with the PDF creation. Then your eBook is almost done.

Convert PDF to Word As an eBook writer, often you need to convert PDF to Word to format your ebook, modify your content or add some images and so on. If you do not have a PDF editor, you can not edit the PDF files after you have created it. At this time, you need a good PDF to Word converter. What’s the standard of good PDF to Word converter? The original text, layouts, images should be exactly retained in the Word documents. And the converters should be easy-to-use. No one is willing to spend a whole day learning how to use software. So, accurate and easy is the most important features for a good PDF to Word converter. Further more, a good PDF to Word converter must support protected PDF conversion, In case you had set the restrictions for your PDF eBook and forgot the password or lost the original copy. AnyBizSoft PDF to Word converter wins my vote for the best PDF to Word converter.

With the word processor and PDF tools, you can make a professional PDF ebook. An excellent eBook should be promoted to the public. Now you can upload to your blog or website, submit the eBook to some eBook shop or websites. Share your thought, feeling and the fabulous story to the whole world. Anyone can be a great writer.


Local Search Marketing And Its Efficiency

Every big business started as a small one. So those who have just started their business only needs to be reminded that they can start small and that in the long run they can become owners of big businesses just like the others. Most owners of business would try to save up whatever they have left of their initial investment. As much as they want to spend a lot on advertising and marketing, they have second thoughts doing it because they worry that it may not do anything for their business and would only result to bigger loses that they expected.

But then again, every business owner needs to remember that no one who has tasted the fruits of success was able to obtain it because they did not take the risk. All of them took the risk of spending money on advertising campaign though they were not sure it would reap them the benefits of successful marketing. They tried them anyway. With the new realm of marketing through the internet, even small business owners could spare a few of their entire business budget to their advertising.

When people have heard of the term local search marketing, in an instant, they felt that it would cost them much and do they don’t push through with the plans of exploring it. And sadly, most of them let go of the very chance that could uplift their business into a whole new stage by simply marketing through local search marketing. It is the kind of marketing that will bring them more consumers and more paying customers and if at an early stage they already abandon the idea of it.

Since everything today seems to be online, then there is no use not to go online if you really want to enjoy the many benefits that an efficient internet campaign can offer. Local search marketing is yet the best that the internet can offer considering that it is something that can be done without spending a cent. All you needed to have is to trust that the local market will pick up your campaign and that’s it.


Facts About Home Based Network Marketing Businesses and the Benefits

For many people, the internet has become the only solace for sources of income. Through certain ventures on the internet, people are able to earn money. Through affiliate marketing or multi level marketing, many people have been able to earn good money from the internet. This marketing involves promotion of certain services and goods, doing some market research or simply market surveys. There are monthly payments that will be assured as long as one can set up their network marketing business quite well.

There are several options that you can go for when looking for network marketing opportunities. In some cases you can access them free of charge. However, in other instances, you might be required to make a first payment. Some of the good companies actually do not ask you to pay any kind of fee to join. Several companies are engaged in this business and they offer opportunities for you to be engaged from within your home.

Each company offers different rates and has different packages for their customers. The payment is usually on commission basis and it varies from one company to another. The payments are made on a regular basis after a period of time stipulated by the company. On average, people who are earning from this kind of business are earning quite a lot of money. They actually earn more than people who have traditional 9-5 jobs. Many people are earning many thousand dollars on a monthly basis.

Network marketing is the sure way to make money without having to suffer the rigorous lifestyle that comes with trying to earn a lot. It can be done at home and at one’s convenience. This means that no one can impose a time table on you. It also means that you will have more time to enjoy your life and generally not live like you are living off the age.

For a long time now, many people have been curious about how they can make some really good money off the internet. It is not news that internet network marketing presents the most logical way to make money on the internet. The trouble with network marketing is that one can very easily succeed but they can also very easily fail. Some of the techniques that people use for network marketing do not offer them very good results.

For any success to be realized in network marketing there should be a good relationship between all parties involved. Having a bad relationship with anyone is bad for business and this is why people fail in network marketing. If you keep bugging your friends and family to purchase the products you are promoting you risk losing everything. Apart from the fact that they can ignore you, they will not support you because they will feel like you are a burden to them.

The other problem here is that most of your friends and family have probably heard a story or two about how someone else failed with network marketing. This will naturally drive them to be somewhat skeptical and hesitant to join your business. The trouble is that many people are actually detesting network marketing before they can even know what it is really about. Worse still, there are those who are involved in it but do not really understand what it is all about.

If they understood network marketing well, they would know that it is one of the best ways to make money. It is a very clean way one can make good money from the internet. The network marketing company does not advertise at all. Therefore whatever is saved is distributed to the various clients who do the work of distribution; these are able to earn commission on a regular basis.

Making an income online has never been easy, most people just simply do not know what to do or have a money making system in place.

Checkout this simple income generating system and start making money today!



Pricing Models and Controversy For Online Display Advertising

Opening scenario

Consider with me, if you will how some advertisers will pay the original ad serving business with a 2-day conversion of ad serving to purchase, but many will not pay for anything other than a click-based conversion.

What is the web publisher or network’s Account Executive (AE) to do? Buy Heroin online

Well, the wise and prepared AE will have typically discussed in advance with the advertiser (or their agency) what gets counted. Determining whose count will be used in determining fees is one of the most common and important conversations between publishers and advertisers, and is part of the day to day job of most Account Executives.

Foundation Concepts Reviewed

Online Display Advertising campaigns are paid according to one of three models: CPM, CPC or CPA. The CPM (cost-per-thousand (or “mil”) pricing model means the advertiser agrees to pay for every 1,000 impressions shown. CPC pricing means that the advertiser will only be charged for clicks; CPA means cost-per-action (sometimes cost per acquisition or CPL, cost per lead) which means the advertiser pays when the user clicks on the ad AND goes on to buy (or take whatever action the advertiser wanted that user to take, for example registering or downloading something). When a user takes that desired action, it is called a “Conversion.”

When a user’s click path (from seeing the ad, clicking and converting) all happens in the same session, the conversion is said to be a “click-based” conversion. Typically, easy buying decisions, like the decision to download a ringtone for $1.00, will happen in one session. Sometimes, the user follows the click path toward conversion and steps away, perhaps returning a day or two later to complete the transaction. Many vacation packages are bought this way, for example. Although the actual path for that 2nd visit did not begin again with clicking on the same display ad, the site will recognize the user via cookies “dropped” on their browser during their first visit. It is possible to identify this user as someone who was there two days ago, who originally came to the site after clicking on X ad, which was served by Y. Let’s say that now, on the user’s second visit, the user buys. The resulting conversion will now be called a “view-based” conversion.

Potential Conflict Enters Stage Right

In a world of visibility, ad servers occasionally cause conflict between the agency and publisher – the publisher’s ad server counts “on the call” (that is, counts as soon as page loads) and the agency’s server counts “on the send” (when the ad starts to load on the user’s platform). In that gap, no more than a few seconds long, countless things can happen that may potentially change the count. The user could back-arrow off the page, or the user may have pop up blockers blocking pop up ads – which are frequently called – from actually serving. In one case an ad server might count on each call, and with another ad server it only counts when an ad pops up!

The Hero, Heroine Arrives on the Scene

Resolving these differences and discrepancies is the job of the Account Managers (AMs). Account Executives and AMs need to work as a team to avoid surprises. The better the ad operations of the site or network, the better job they do in making sure that the available ad inventory was most efficiently used, ensuring the publisher and/or network received the highest possible yield.

Happy Ending

With greater clarity of the terms, differences and potential conflicts, hopefully this article has helped better prepare you to put your online digital sales knowledge to work today and tomorrow. Here is to your success!

Steve Bookbinder, CEO and lead trainer for DM Training has over a decade of experience selling online media, search engine marketing, and advertising. He has written and co-written more than 25 books, articles and audio training programs, and is most recently the author, with Jeff Goldberg, of How to Be Your Own Coach.



Five Methods to Monetize Your Mobile App

The smartphones are everywhere. You see people chattering with family and friends in the malls and on transit systems. You see people of all ages playing “Angry Birds”, “Cut the Rope” or some other entertaining app. People can cruise through websites with a tap and swipe on smartphones, all while away from their home computer. For years, advertisers capitalized on the home-based (or office based) computers to provide real time and context specific advertisements to web surfers (via their browsers). Money could be made for “pay per click” or similar ad models. This method still works, but the problem for advertisers is that people aren’t using their desktop PCs much any more. They’re using their smartphones.

If you own a smartphone and have downloaded any apps, you may have come across one or more which use in-app branding and possibly in-app advertising. A lot of people are willing to put up with the occasional ad from an advertiser in trade for some cool free app or game. This is the first of the five methods I’d like to present for monetizing your own Mobile apps.

If you’re a publisher of apps – let’s say you’re the manager for a busy nightclub and have an app for promoting your club – then you’re more likely to have a free app than a paid app. You can still make money with a free app!

For starters, here are the five methods for monetizing your Mobile App:

Use AdMob, Millennial Media and others to provide in-app advertising
Sell ad space on your app for vendors and merchants
Link from your app to Affiliate sites and their products
Use Push Notifications
Charge for the app or for in-app purchases
We’re big fans of the free apps. I know for sure I have plenty of free apps on my mobile devices. I tend to recommend free apps to friends as well since I know if they don’t like the apps I recommend, they can always delete them. So, all but one of the methods I describe here will apply to free apps mainly.

If you have your own app being published (or already published, since you can always add more to it in an update), consider using AdMob or another ad aggregating service. Since AdMob is part of the Google family of businesses, many people may already have a relationship with them without even knowing it. Nonetheless, choose one of these and use their SDK tools (this is a job for your developer) and get your Publisher credentials added appropriately to the app. Before you know it, a mini billboard will appear on the screen for your app and you will be on your way to making extra cash. This method is extremely useful for those of you who have created a free app that is downloaded frequently. It’s as simple as: The more users, the more exposure to the ad, and the more potential revenue for you.

If your app is a community based app or an app which is related to specific products or services, consider getting a monthly fee from merchants or vendors to include their information in your app. This method works really well if you have a lot of downloads for your app. If the merchants can see that your app is widely used, it’s almost a no-brainer. They’re likely to ask you if you can help them!

Many operators of stores and other online sites already have relationships with affiliate marketing sites such as Commission Junction and Linkshare. These all work pretty much the same. If you use their tools, you can take their links (for commission) and embed them into your app. As people use your app, they will see these links and (hopefully) will tap/click on them. If they purchase from the linked site, you get commissions.

Personally, I love the iOS method for Push Notifications. These keep me in touch with some of the updates in games and other apps I use. But, if you’re a shrewd marketer, you can use these within your apps to add value and bring in more revenue. This isn’t really monetizing internally (with the app), but the revenue opportunity remains. A push notification allows you to share with your ‘subscribers’ information about your app or a deal you may have. This spurs them to action. A Push Notification can be an immediate call to action for your user community. “Act now and download three free widgets with the purchase of only one!” Get the idea?

Pretty much everyone you could ask would tell you that a distributed free app is better than charging a minimal fee ($0.99) for each download. As time passes, you will find that free apps are downloaded more often and will be shared more freely with others. Getting other people to market for you (by sharing) is highly desired and beneficial. If, however, you do decide to sell your app for a fee, then be sure it’s fee-worthy and provides an ongoing function to your audience. People will not be happy paying for an app that doesn’t provide suitable functionality. Another way to charge for an app is to distribute the app for free, but use in-app purchasing to cover the costs of some add-on feature or downloaded product within the app. I’ve seen this range from downloadable content (PDFs or sound files) to tools or items for games or similar apps. Be sure your pricing model is easy to understand.

We are in a wonderful new frontier with mobile apps and marketing will have to adapt. Use these guidelines to plan your app before it’s distributed for best results.


Choosing the Best Desktop Computer For You

Like a lot of people in the world today, you probably have a specific budget in mind when you buy a desktop computer. You may wonder, though, how to pick out the computer. What size and shape you need and with all the new technology out there, you may be unsure what to get. We are here to help you with this most difficult decision. Read on for some great insight into what to look for when purchasing a great desktop computer. 2.5GB Switch

There are four different types of a PC user. Read below to find out which one you are. This will help you choose the best computer for you and your family.

General purpose user: a general purpose use desktop computer is perfect for those who like to make pictures, edit pictures, play games and surf the net. Depending on what you need a general purpose computer can range in price from $500 to $1500.

Power User: a power user computer is a computer that can be used to make and edit movies and videos. These types of computers also allow you to make digital designs and play mega games. With these computers you will typically need 2 or more hard drives and a great graphics card. These computers typically run higher in price due to the power behind the computer and the different running systems that it will include. A power user computer can range in price from $2500 to $3500 depending on what you will need to perform the types of work that you want to do on this computer.

Home Theater Enthusiast: Do you love movies and television? Why not get a computer that can handle all of your home theater needs? This type of computer is great for people who love to watch movies and television. Windows Media Center is on all of the windows programs including the new Windows 7. When considering this type of computer always keep in mind what type of media you will be playing. This will help you to decide the video card and how much memory and output you will need. You can also find surround sound for your home theater computer, which will make your home theater even more special. When purchasing this computer make sure that is has the proper DVD drive or if you desire you can get a computer with a blue ray player allowing you the maximum high definition display. This type computer can range in price from $500 to $1500 depending on what you need included with the great entertainment model computer.

Home Office Worker: this is a great computer for those who work from home. With this type of computer you do not need the massive graphics power as other computers unless you design graphics for your home office work and then you would want a computer with a higher graphics count. You will want a system with a dual power core so that you can multitask and get the work done that you need done. Windows has a great operating system in Windows 7 that is great for being able to multitask. The newest feature on Windows 7 allows you to have different windows open at one time and you are also allowed to have them up side by side. This will save you time and you will not have to worry about your computer crashing. Mac also has a great operating system for home office as well. A home computer can run in price from $500 to $2,000 depending on what you need and how you plan on using it.

There are many different features to consider when wanting to purchase any of the before mentioned computers. The main great features that you will want to consider are:

* Processor: The two most common type of processor is AMD Athlon 64 X2, or Intel Core 2 Duo processor. You will want a Duo processor if you will be doing a lot of work or something that calls for a high speed processor such as burning or making videos and DVD’s. A processor is at the most basic form the brains of your computer. The faster your processor is the better performance you will receive out of your computer.

* Memory: The memory in a desktop computer can vary due to the upcoming technology. Depending on what you need you can find a desktop that has 1G to 4G’s of memory. Memory is changing due to different technology every day. When considering the memory take into consideration what you will be using your computer for. The more pictures and videos you need to make will increase the gigabyte count. Having the maximum amount of memory allows you to have plenty of room for all those important things that you want to install on your computer.

* Hard Drive: Depending on what you will need to store on your computer, you can find the perfect hard drive. A hard drive for this type of desktop can range from 250 G to 500 G. When choosing the hard drive, keep in mind what kind of programs you want to install. If you are wanting to install games or photo editing software, it would be best to have a higher gigabyte count. This allows you to have plenty of space for these programs as well as other programs including music and videos.

* Running system: When choosing your computer you will want to pick out a operating system that will work great for you. You can choose Windows or Mac. Both are very reliable brands and will give you a great computer experience. The latest version of Windows is Windows 7 and the latest version of Mac is the Apple OS X Leopard. The feedback on both of these programs are great. You can also ask friends and family that have these running systems how they feel about them and this will help you to pick out the perfect running system for you.

* Video Card: the video card helps to control different graphics and video. The most typical video card is 128 mb and comes from NVIDIA and ATI. With ever changing technology the video card will increase in megabyte size and quality. Most computers come with this feature already installed for quality graphics.

* Keyboard: Your computer would be basically useless without a keyboard. There are several different choices of keyboard. If you have trouble with your wrists, you can find a keyboard that is ergonomic and has a wrist wrest built into the keyboard. If you do not want the headache of wires all over the place, you can purchase a wireless keyboard. A wireless keyboard gives you access to your computer without the clutter of wire.

* Mouse: The mouse is a key component in the running of your desktop computer. The mouse helps you click on links and scroll down throughout pages. A wireless mouse is the latest invention. You can move your mouse around without the constraint of wire. This is a great way to perform your task. A computer can function without a mouse but it would be very difficult to use.

* Monitor: The monitor is the most important part of the computer besides the hard drive. The monitor allows you to see images and what is on your computer. You can find average size monitors, wide screened monitors and flat screened monitors. You can even find HD monitors that deliver a even clearer pictures. The size of the monitor depends on what size you need for what you will be doing with your desktop computer. With larger screens you will have the ability to watch many different movies in television size.

* Web Camera: a web camera can be hooked up to your computer allowing you to take images and videos and save them directly to your computer. You can also video chat with people online using it with Yahoo, Skype or even Facebook. It is a great way to stay in contact with friends and family. When considering a web cam purchase, check and see what pixels that it has. The higher the pixel, the greater the image will be and less pixilated.

* Size: Desktop computers have changed in size drastically over the years and each year it seems like a smaller more compact model is being released. That is great for those of you that do not have a lot of space to store a large computer. You can find a desktop in the size you need including compact. Every year smaller and more compact computers are being released. When looking for the size, take into consideration, where you will set up your computer and how much room you will have. It would not hurt to take measurements and have these with you when you purchase your computer.

* DVD/Blue Ray: If you like to watch movies you can purchase a desktop computer that has a DVD player. This is a great way to watch your movies. When purchasing the computer make sure you check and see what regions that the DVD player can handle. This way you can enjoy movies from many different regions from around the world. Region 1 is the United States and Region 2 is the United Kingdom. So if you want a movie from across the pond you can purchase it and watch it with your desktop. If you desire high quality and high definition you can purchase a computer that is equipped with a blue ray player. This is great for watching high definition movies.


A Machine Tool

The industrial revolution flourished largely in the sixteenth century. The proliferation of the machine tool as an indispensable tool began from this time. A machine tool is a device that runs on power and is used to devise metal parts of machines. The tool creates individual machine parts by removing metal on a selective basis. A machine tool normally conjures up in the mind, a picture of a tool that operates with the help of external power and no tool that is operated by human beings. However, a machine tool can, in certain cases, be run by human beings too.

How a Machine Tool Has Been Working

A machine tool may be powered in many ways. A crude tool is generally mechanically powered by humans or animals. Since the late nineteenth and the early twentieth century, a large section of machine parts and tools have been running on electricity. The first machine parts and tools made use of flywheels in order to run properly and were also supported by a whole array of gears and levers. Post-World War II witnessed a sudden spate of numerical control (NC) machines in manufacturing industries. The 1960s saw the foray of computer technology into the machine tool manufacturing industry and the development of the first computerized numerical control (CNC) machines. CNC and NC machines had the capability to generate high-end tools and pieces, something that even expert tool makers could not do.

Engineering a Machine Tool Using Computer Technology

Gradually, with the steady advancement of computer and electronic technology, machines that could automatically alter hacking and molding tools, came into being. Sophisticated machine tools were developed that helped in the invention of machines that sped up assembly-line and manufacturing processes by a considerable degree. A machine tool is a tool that has the ability to make copies of itself and construct machine parts. As the tool making knowhow began to be more and more integrated with technological knowhow, countless machine parts and tools were produced that could be operated with the aid of computers. By the eighties, computer technology became a dominant and the most important aspect of the tool-making business and drastically metamorphosed the way a machine tool was built.

Modern Machine Tools: Software Tools

Today, in the age of computers and electronics, most complicated machine parts and tools are engineered using cutting-edge computer and electronic technology. Such technology facilitates the manufacture of machine tools on a large scale helping manufacturers exploit the advantages of the economies of scale. Computer technology is so smart that it helps in the creation of customized tools exactly according to specifications. What’s more, computer technology has also caused a major transformation in the nature and properties of the machine tool that it helps to develop. While the traditional tool was something tangible, that could be felt, that had specific dimensions, the modern machine part or tool is no longer a tangible object but an intangible software, better known as a software tool. It is to this category of tools that the online diary planner belongs.

Online Diary Planner: A Great Modern Machine Tool

The online diary planner is a modern machine tool or rather a software tool that helps to spearhead the meeting and business management processes. With a colossal data-storage capacity, it helps users to store inside it massive chunks of data. The online diary planner is a unique tool that helps users to retrieve data from it in seconds. It works across different time zones and permits users to import email contacts from email applications into it. The online diary planner is a tool that supports professional networking and allows users to collaborate online with each other in real time. With a chic GUI, the online diary planner is one of the most user-friendly tools in the world. A modern machine tool that’s also called a software tool, the online diary planner helps you to think and plan for times ahead. A very important characteristic of the modern tool is that it not only helps users to perform basic tasks with it but it also encourages users to think intelligently. Modern machine tools, better known as software tools, are intelligent and responsive tools. This particular trait of the modern machine tool makes it very useful and attractive to users. Users have praised the online diary planner highly because it helps them to restructure their thoughts, realign their actions, think proactively and innovatively and become frontrunners in all that they do. The online diary planner is a modern tool that’s capable of changing the lives of its users in a very positive way. Any genuine online diary planner comes free of cost so that it can be accessible to everyone.

Visit to see which are the best meeting and conference planners and how these wonderful meeting and conference planners and modern machine tools can gear you up for an exciting life!




11 Essential Tools In The Toolbox Of A Handyman

Toolboxes come in a variety of shapes, styles and materials from rectangular metal boxes to wooden chests. Toolboxes with clear compartments allow you to see the contents of the box before opening it. Toolbox organizers are required to keep tools neatly arranged according to sequence, size or usage. These may be in the form of inserts that help organize your tools and keep them separate. You can carry all your hardware, fittings and terminals in one handy case with the help of these handy organizers. Divided storage boxes fit into a durable carry case and each removable drawer has lid and latches to keep small items in place. There are a large number of options and materials useful for holding fasteners, electrical gear, technician tools and much more.

Over time, many tools may develop a black film or rust. A toolbox organizer can eliminate chemical oxidation and keep tools from banging around. These also reduce noise from tools sliding and offer protection to delicate tools. Tools can be easily removed and cleaned with toolbox organizers. Organizers have a stackable self locking tray that fits both upper and lower levels. Some organizers are custom-made for certain tools to offer the best protection and storage. Toolbox organizers may have pre-formed organizing pockets, removable tray and self-customizing dividers. These are usually made of material that resists oil and grease. Socket trays are particularly useful to organize various types of sockets for easy locating and arranging. These trays provide for quick and easy removal and replacement of sockets, thus ensuring that they do not get dislodged or fall over under normal usage. Small, medium and large compartments of toolbox organizers are ideal for storing various tools, parts and fasteners.

Toolbox organizers are available in many materials and designs. Foam allows you to organize and arrange your tools efficiently with minimum wastage of time. Foam cutouts allow tools to stay in place and also enable quick arranging. They also reduce sound. High-impact, copolymer material is dent-proof, rustproof, non-conductive and resists most common chemicals. Tool organizers are also available in a customized form as socket organizers, wrench organizers, screwdriver organizers and trays that let the user find the tool of choice, saving valuable time. Several tool organizers are available with a magnetic tool holding system that gives a good grip to the tools. The high-energy magnets offer maximum holding strength for various types of tools. Toolbox organizers enhance efficiency, tool accountability, and asset management.

Tools are the most important asset of a handyman. Without proper tools he can do nothing regardless of his knowledge, skills and expertise. I know some people who keep almost every tool known on the planet in their toolbox. I don’t know how much those tools help them, but in my opinion eleven tools are enough to complete majority of handyman jobs. So if you want to set up your own handyman toolbox or just want to clean up your toolbox a bit then you can start with these eleven:

Crescent wrenches: These wrenches are used particularly for loosening or tightening bolts and nuts. Keep a few versions of them with you. I personally prefer a 10″ version for opening larger bolts and a smaller version for opening smaller nuts.
Hammer: There aren’t too many varieties of this tool and any hammer will do the tasks that you need. Several hammers sold in the market today are made of plastic and rubber. Avoid ball-peen hammers with rounded heads because they’re useless for most household tasks.
Drill bits and drills: Many people may advise you to purchase a cordless drill. But in my opinion, you shouldn’t. When batteries die in the middle of the task, it leads to frustration. So instead of carrying so many battery packs in your toolbox, purchase a drill with cord and get rid of that extra crap.
Circular Saw: Instead of messing up with handsaw for hours it’s always a good choice to choose circular saw that’ll do most jobs decently.
Level: Choosing a level for your toolbox shouldn’t be complicated. Plastic, wood or metal all can work finely. However, keep in mind that you should choose the one that’s at least 12-inches long.
Screwdriver Kits: First of all don’t mess up with battery powered screwdrivers, stubby screwdrivers and 4 in 1 screwdrivers. You’ll need two types of screwdrivers – a slotted screwdriver and a head screwdriver that looks like cross.
Pliers: Choosing this thing is an art because there are thousands of types of pliers out in the market. However, a slip join plier and a needle nose plier are enough for most household tasks.
Tape measure: A 12 or 16 feet long metal retractable tape measure will be fine for almost all household tasks.
Tin snips: Although these are used particularly for cutting sheet metal, still they can be used for cutting plastic or wire too.
Stud finder: The only purpose of this tool is to locate a board in the wall so don’t get fancy while choosing it!
Utility Knife: Here comes the most dangerous tool of this list. If you’re a beginner, be extraordinary careful while using it otherwise you may end up in hospital. Use it for safely cutting things like cardboards and ropes.
This article was written by Ricard D Knowles for increasing awareness about the tools of a handyman. If you want to hire handyman services Sydney then I suggest you to go to handyman website.



7 Essential Steps To Build A Successful Mobile App

The success of a mobile app depends on how its development and marketing takes place. Any developer who is good at programming and has technical abilities can start making mobile applications after gaining adequate knowledge of the application development. However, they need to consider the pitfalls involved in mobile app development. Otherwise, they may have to pay high prices for their mistakes with their app eventually failing on the app stores. Let us look at the seven mistakes, which every mobile app developer should avoid in achieving success.

Including too many features

Developers might think that developing a mobile application with extensive features would be an instant hit. However, it is not the right approach to include too many features at the first launch; a user finds the app difficult to comprehend and may not be able to know what is useful for them and what not is, thus losing interest. A mobile application should be simple, user-friendly and most importantly purposeful. End users look for apps that are easily understandable and simple to use. An application loses its purpose if it has too many features stuffed into it.

Therefore, it is first important to understand the purpose the application will serve and then include only those features that are important and purposeful for end users, to avoid complications. A developer can later add more features in the future releases.

Developing on multiple platforms in the first go

Developers should not build applications for multiple mobile platforms, all at once. It is important to first focus on one mobile platform and then move to the others. In case of any future changes, the developers will have to implement them on all the platforms, resulting in more time and high costs.

Thus, it is important to formulate a well-thought strategy for the launch, on one platform first and then releasing it on the other platforms.

Focusing everywhere other than on the user experience

A developer should create mobile applications by keeping users at the center. It is very important to focus on user experience aspect, as the end-users should find the app simple, easy to use and attractive. The UI of an app should be intuitive and easy to learn. An application will not be successful if it does not impress users and give them an enriching experience.

Not keeping room for flexibility

A mobile application developer should always develop an app, which is flexible enough to include upgrades. Upgrading is a continuous process; an app should work in newer upgraded versions as well. It is important for a developer to ensure that the application works efficiently and flawlessly even after upgrading mobile operating system several times.

Developing mobile apps that are not flexible will result in their failure, as they will become unusable after a certain period.

Improper monetization planning

Planning about monetizing your application is a difficult task. Many developers fail to plan on the monetization aspect thinking they will earn easily through ads or users will pay for their apps. Developers can have two versions of an app, a free version and premium version consisting of additional features or even keep in-app purchases option. Placing ads on regularly visited apps can also help earn revenues. A combination of different options is also helpful.

Whatever option developers choose, it should cater to their requirements. They should plan this aspect in the early stage to avoid future losses.

Not understanding the importance of marketing

Uploading a mobile application at the store does not guarantee success. Its marketing is equally important, as the audience should come to know about its launch. Developers should not wait to market the app after its launch in the store. Visibility is important from the very beginning, for which they should market their application well in advance.

Without a well-planned marketing strategy, a mobile app will get completely lost in this competitive market, resulting in its failure.

Not using analytics services

Developers will not be able to measure the success of the mobile application without tracking tools and analytics. They can use any analytics services that best fits their requirements and use the retrieved data for improvement in the upcoming releases. By using analytics tools, an app developer can come to know about guests viewing, number of active users & downloads, purchasing habits of users and much more.

Therefore, it is important to have analytics from the very start.




Location Matters When It Comes To Surgical Tech Salary

The healthcare profession offers a great many areas of expertise. One that comes to mind in the area of surgery, when doctors, nurses, and surgical tech take their place in the surgical suite to provide the finest care for the patients that are there to undergo surgery. Although there is no one in the suite that makes more money than the surgeon or the anesthesiologist, a surgical tech salary is nothing to sneeze at. Considering that it only takes a few months to become certified as a surgical tech, the salary is great compensation for the work done.

The average salary for a surgical technician is between $30,000 and $55,000 per year, and along with that, there is plenty of room for growth in this industry. While the larger surgical technologist salary looks very good to anyone that is interested in entering this unique healthcare profession, there is no way that the beginning tech will be able to command the top salary right up front. $32,700 is the median pay range for those who have been working in this area for less than one year.

When just getting started in this branch of the industry, this should be considered an excellent way to launch a budding career. The newbie to the surgery suite can look forward to increasing that earnings potential within four years to somewhere around $34,200. As with other types of work places, yearly raises will automatically add to the salary, but it should be expected that the longer one works in the industry and the more experience they gain, the more opportunity for advancement through the ranks will also add to that salary.

The ambitious individual is sure to choose a career path that will take them to the top level within the surgical technician’s area of expertise. That path will necessarily begin as a surgical technologist and then advance to surgical first assistant. After that, the tech will be able to specialize in a certain type of surgery such as the field of heart or lung surgery, and then at some point they may decide to pursue an administrative career that is within a non-medical organization.

It usually surprises people when they find out that a surgical tech salary is normally highest when the individual that is not working in a medical position that does not require a degree in order to work their skills. Experience has always been the best qualifications and that is often reflected in the amount of money that is earned for the position. There are many surgical technicians who are not working on a salaried basis. Instead, they are working at an hourly rate.

The median ranges for surgical technologists today sits between $13.23 to $26.11. When calculated over a full year’s time, that averages out to between $27.510 and $54,300. That would appear to bring the hourly wage up to just about the same amount as a tech that is earning a salary, and who knows, when figuring the hours worked, the hourly wage may be the better deal.

The old saying about location being key to better earnings holds true when it comes to a surgical tech salary. As it works out, the tech that is working in a medical facility can expect to earn an average salary of $39,500 while one that is working in college or university medical settings will usually earn around $34,100. So it does matter where the tech works.