Omni Berkshire Place Hotel in New York City

Where Is The Omni Berkshire Place Hotel Located?

It’s located right in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. It’s address is 21 East 52nd Street which means it’s cross streets are 52nd street and Madison Avenue.

What Is It Near?

Being located in Midtown Manhattan it is near almost everything really. But in specific it’s very close to the Rockefeller Center which home to NBC studios and shows like Saturday Night Live and the Today Show along with the world famous ice skating rink that you’ve almost certainly seen featured on television and in movies. It’s also just a few blocks away from Radio City Music Hall which is one of the most renowned music venues in the world. Radio City Music Hall has played host to the Grammy’s and many other awards shows along with great concerts and shows such as the Rockettes. It’s also close to Times Square, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and the Museum of Modern Art.

Does It Have A Restaurant?

Yes, the in hotel restaurant is called Fireside Restaurant and it features an amazing floor to ceiling fireplace. The menu features the unique “cocktail cuisine” of chef Sam DeMarco. Of course, being in Manhattan, there are an incredible amount of amazing restaurants all around. Personally I think the food may be the best thing about NYC.

Amenities/Features Of The Omni Berkshire Place Hotel

– A complimentary fitness center that is fully equipped.
– In-room massage service which can be scheduled through the concierge.
– Babysitting.
– Check cashing, currency exchagne, and ATM.
– Wireless internet access for your laptop computer.
– Pet friendly as long as the pets are under 25 pounds. There is a $50 fee for pets.

How Much Does It Cost?

This is a 5 star luxury hotel in New York City so it is not going to be cheap. But I’m sorry to tell you, there aren’t any cheap hotels in NYC. It’s not a cheap town. If you don’t have much money, I’d suggest going elsewhere!

The price of a room is always changing based on the season and the day of the week. As of this writing you can get a room at the Omni Bkershire Place Hotel for $399/night which is a pretty good rate for NYC.

If you do want to stay at the Omni in NYC, be sure to to make your reservations online (I always recommend making your hotel reservations online, it’s so much more convenient) as soon as possible because this hotel is often sold out.


In the wake of being engaged with a bike mishap

Let’s be honest, nobody at any point figures they will be engaged with a cruiser mishap and when they do the last thing they contemplate is employing a bike mishap legal counselor on the grounds that many individuals trust that assuming they have full inclusion bike protection they will be dealt with in case of a bike mishap. The reality of the situation is you ought to consistently employ a certified cruiser mishap attorney to address you so your privileges are secured when managing the at shortcomings party’s insurance agency.

In the wake of being engaged with a bike mishap, the main thing you ought to do is look for clinical consideration promptly; regardless of whether you think you are truly harmed, those minor a throbbing painfulness can rapidly transform into genuine clinical issues, and nothing is a higher priority than ensuring your life and your wellbeing!

Whenever you have been seen by a specialist, your next game-plan ought to be to track down a certified and experienced cruiser mishap legal counselor on the double. During your horrendous difficulty you want to ensure that each of current realities of your mishap are very much archived, including observer records of the mishap and that any remaining proof is gathered and recorded. In my 20 years of riding bikes I have caught many riders say, “Assuming that I as of now have full inclusion bike protection, why would it be a good idea for me to recruit a lawyer when I get hit on my bicycle?”

The response is very straightforward. Assuming that you were shown to be not to blame in the mishap by the police, and regardless of whether the to blame party concedes he was to blame, quite often the insurance agency of the to blame party will a bigger number of occasions than not deny your case in full, driving you to go to court, and on account of genuine actual injury and harm to your bike this implies you will require an accomplished and forceful bike mishap legal counselor to battle your case and put current realities in the best light.

So how would you find and recruit the right cruiser mishap legal counselor to address you and your mishap guarantee? There are many things you should consider when conversing with viewpoint attorneys, and most importantly you need a legal advisor with broad cruiser mishap claims insight, who knows the laws in your state, and a legal counselor who has won a huge level of his cases.

It doesn’t seem OK to employ a legal advisor who spends significant time in probate law to battle your cruiser mishap case and furthermore, recruiting a legal counselor who likewise rides a bikes carries extra insight and experiences to your case on the grounds that having an attorney who knows the physical and mechanical components of riding a bike carries apparatuses and information to be used for your situation.

Start your exploration by actually taking a look at the web for legal counselors in your space. You ought to pose a ton of inquiries, for example,

How long have you been specializing in legal matters?
What number of bike mishap cases have you battled, and which rate have you won?
How might you seek after my case?
What issues does he predict for your situation?
What are your choices?
How might the legal counselor charge for his administrations?
What amount of time will it require to being my case to end?

While you ought to get a legal counselor to address you and your case straightaway, you shouldn’t simply employ the primary attorney you talk with. Any legal advisor who can’t offer you few straight forward responses via telephone or appears to be befuddled, engrossed or tricky is your line to continue on right away. While it would be close to outlandish for any legal advisor to analyze and make qualified decisions on your case via telephone, when they have the essential data that can express their expert impression, and your subsequent stage would to set up an arrangement to meet.

Employing an accomplished and talented cruiser mishap legal advisor to battle your cas


5 Great Benefits Of Watching Movies

A Great Date Night . For many   people, watching a film is the place that couples have their first date, preserve fingers or even proportion their first kiss. Memories are made as you experience the tale told on a movie collectively. You get to experience an awesome movie with correct organization. Making the maximum of the films for a first date allow you to land a 2nd date!
Relieves Stress. These days, there are methods you could enjoy movies without always stepping to movie theaters. You can now loosen up and enjoy your movie from the consolation of your private home or backyard! Viewing movies can gift an exquisite opportunity to alleviate pressure from our lives. It has been medically validated that pressure is caused by a non-stop buildup of hysteria inside someone and with out a way to alleviate it, then stress is inevitable. One of the quality approaches to alleviate the buildup of tension is through watching films.
Provides Laughs And Bonding Time. Have you ever laughed your heart out at the same time as looking a film? It can be among some of the very rare moments when a terrific uninhibited laugh comes freely. Well, that’s what a very good comedy film can do for you. It is as lots a way to lighten the temper as it’s far a manner to bond. A night with friends looking exquisite comedy movies can build memories and assist you develop closer with pals!
Provides Encouragement. Watching films can honestly spark drive into your existence. Watching normal humans change into heroes for the duration of the tale can encourage or inspire you to do the same on your each day existence. You realise that regular people such as you and I are also capable of brilliant things in existence.
Increases Awareness And Social Skills. When you watch a film, which has a few depiction of sociality, politics, economics, psychology, racism, or ethnicity, you can examine such a lot of different things and may enjoy an elevated recognition which you perhaps never notion approximately. Young ones can study social competencies that encompass problem-solving, sharing, and sensitivity from looking movies. When exposed to seeing these new ideas and watching distinct cultural differences in movie, it is able to assist kids make new pals.
The Takeaway
With modern day fast-paced life, people can grow to be so busy and feel harassed, taking very little time to revel in moments and make recollections. Entertainment, time with pals and playing a simple manner to relieve stress are just a number of the motives that looking movies is really worth the time!

Parks and Recs, School Movie Nights, Birthday Parties, Reunions, Live TV Events, Barbecues, Big Games. These are just a number of the events where an outside film screen rental could make your event unique. Premiere Outdoor Moviesprovides inflatable film monitors for every size occasion—pick from our 16-foot Backyard Movie for a party of pals, all the manner as much as our forty-foot Ultimate Movie Package for activities with 1,000 or more traffic. Each of our extraordinary film packages consists of a expert sound device, most suitable satisfactory projector system, top pleasant AV electronics, a specialised event group, and a loose weekday rain date. Contact ustoday!

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In the period of camera telephones, individuals continually snap and offer their photographs

In the period of camera telephones, individuals continually snap and offer their photographs; these camera telephones are making individuals presented to photography and to visual symbolism in different structures. We take a gander at the photographs shared by our companions via web-based media, we see the promoting efforts on the stores; photography is utilized to convey or to communicate to the watcher. Many individuals click pictures consistently in any case, not many of them realize that how these diverse photography types have been rousing photographic artists? At the point when we get to realize the distinctive photography types, we gain the information on various sort which might fit to our photography propensities.

Allow us to take a gander at these after 15 distinct classifications of photography:

Airborne Photography: As we fly or get over the ground level, we generally attempt to shoot the wonderful scene which we see underneath us. For instance, when we are in a flight we generally attempt to catch the scene which we can see from a higher place. This is called Aerial photography.

French picture taker and balloonist, Gaspar Felix Tournachon, took the super aeronautical photograph in 1858. He tried for quite a while before he could make the photograph. He had gotten the French town, Petit-Becetre, from a hot-air grow, 80 meters over the ground.

Building Photography: Framing the shading, shape, format or specialty of any design can be relieving to eyes. All the visuals of landmarks or structures are remembering for this classification of photography. Both, the inside and the outside of a structure can be outlined, however the difficult viewpoint for the photographic artist is to remember of the lighting and twisting.

Sincere Photography: In this type of photography, we catch the minutes as they occur. The item doesn’t know about the photographic artist, so seem normal and thus the image results into an extremely loosened up one.

Master tip: Use an extremely long zoom for catching the open pictures. Assuming you’ll utilize the short long range focal point, then, at that point, the item might get mindful that you are outlining them thus you can lose a loose and normal picture.

Narrative Photography: These are the manual pictures that are utilized to feature a specific picture or story. This kind incorporates manual pictures that make a photograph story. These all are illustrative pictures which might incorporate an account of war, science, fiction and some more. In this classification, we generally attempt to catch every one of the subtleties which thus bring about making an image recount a story.

Style Photography: These photography types are fundamentally used to promote something and afterward at last to sell it. This classification incorporates the glamorization of the item which makes an item look alluring thus clients readily get it.

These sorts of photographs should be imaginatively and pointedly taken. We can catch them anyplace like, in a studio, in a loft or anyplace outside. We need to do the pre-shooting planning prior to outlining the item. The planning might incorporate cosmetics, styles, area, lighting and clearly the model assumes an extremely crucial part.

Food Photography: Every day we are presented with at minimum something either on the feasting table or in a café. The food which is served, is clicked and is shared by us as pictures. The photography which is utilized by cafés, sites or bloggers to pull clients and to sell their item is called as food photography.

Master tip: Food photography is probably going to be caught in normal light. Utilizing streak is rarely recommended while catching the food, as it can remember undesirable things for our picture. It’s a major NO in this style. Utilizing glimmer might look our food oily and the normal tones might clean out of the photographs.

Scene Photography: This sort of photography is one of the most famous sort of photography. In this classification, the photography of delightful views, effect of natural conditions is finished. We generally love to catch a delightful scene as we see an eye-alleviating and wonderful scene.

Assuming we need an ideal scene shot, then, at that point, we should deal with the legitimate lighting. Utilizing a mount is constantly proposed as shaking of the camera can bring about an unsteady picture that won’t look great. Involving high screen gives us an ideal picture as the ideal measure of light might fall inside the camera and our picture might look splendid and sharp.

Night-long Exposure Photography: As it gets dim, there are different lovely perspectives which a watcher can’t see with the unaided eye and a camera can do it for us. This photography is basically shone on the information on light, shade and opening.

For getting an ideal piece of these photographs, we should be agreeable enough with the manual method of the camera thus the right settings can be executed.

Photojournalism: This kind of photography is basically the same as that of narrative photography. This incorporate the photography of the occasions are going on the present moment and afterward it is educated to the entire world.

For instance, whatever we find in papers, news or in magazines are every one of the an aftereffect of photojournalism.

This incorporate the photography of sudden occasions at an arranged spot. A photographic artist needs to reach at a right spot at a right an ideal opportunity to get it going impeccably.

Applied/Fine Art Photography: This classification of photography incorporates recounting a story. In this sort, we make our own story and our own characters in a made-up climate. We should have a thought of how our result will look like and how we can plan to work everything out.

The photographic artist consistently attempts to communicate something specific, a thought or a feeling by these photos.

Picture Photography: In this sort of photography, all the emphasis is made on the temperament or on the statements of the item. It is an interesting subject for the picture takers. A representation can be a full-body picture or can be close-up representation. Whichever the picture we take, our face is engaged the most.

It should be remembered that the picture should be sharp and is very much engaged. Eyes should be uncommonly engaged as they toss most extreme feelings. Jokes can be told once we need to make a wonderful mind-set of our item.

Sport Photography: This is one of those photography types which incorporates outlining of the articles which are either in quick movement or in real life. These games are caught by utilizing extremely long focal points.


7 Benefits of Wearing a Wrist Watch


Marketing For Authors

Authors – especially business authors – are often subject matter experts. They are authorities in their fields. As such, they have something of value to contribute, and so, they write. And if they’re lucky, their work is published, at which point, having said their piece, they should be comfortable trusting their success entirely to their publisher. Right?

Wrong. As the “maker” of their “product,” writers have a tremendous opportunity to “market” themselves, in the very traditional sense of the word….without conflicting, in any way, with the roles of their publisher, their agent, their promoter or their publicist.

In 1960, E. Jerome McCarthy introduced his seminal “4 Ps” approach to marketing. McCarthy divided the marketing process to four areas: product, price, promotion, and placement. Simply put, “product” is what you sell, “price” is how much you charge, “promotion” is how you tell people about your product, and “placement” is how you get your product to market. McCarthy’s simplistic approach provides a gentle roadmap for the marketing novice (and the seasoned marketer as well). A better understanding of the “first P” – product – quickly illustrates the author’s marketing role in his own success.

On the surface, your “product” is your work: an article, a poem, a book. And in the simplest terms, this is correct. But as an author, your product is much, much more.

Let’s assume, for the sake of this article, that you have written a book. Chances are, as you wrote your book, you had an end product in mind. You may have visualized your product by its genre: a novel, a history, a reference manual, whatever. You may have imagined your book as a manuscript, a first edition, or a seasoned bestseller now available in paperback, hardbound, and digital form. You may have even thought of your book as a set of technical specifications (type size, paper quality, cover design, etc.). All of these perspectives would be legitimate as inspiration, and each would provide a different set of guidelines for development.

Now let’s further assume that you had set out to write a novel – specifically a horror novel. Being well-read yourself, you were no doubt familiar with other authors. Some of them you may have considered inspiration, some you held in such great contempt that you secretly feared your work would be compared with theirs. Either way, you probably knew, well in advance of typing your first word, who your “competition” would be – from a product standpoint.

But to think of your product as an object – even one of great imagination – would do great disservice to your potential for success, because your product is not as tangible as any of these considerations would suggest.

Let’s step outside the “4 Ps” structure, for a moment, to consider another important marketing concept: Brand. Unlike a product, “brand” is completely intangible. It is a perception: a concept that exists in the mind of the consumer. You can’t touch it, and you usually can’t smell it, but it’s definitely there.

If you were to ask a room full of people which automobile manufacturer was synonymous with “safety”, a good number of them might say “Volvo.” Now, we all know that Volvo manufactures cars, not safety. But in the process of making cars, Volvo has developed a reputation for making “safe” cars, and in the mind of the consumer, “safety” is the Volvo brand.

Brand has amazing power. It taps into rational and emotional aspects of the consumer’s decision-making process, and distinguishes one product from another. Consumers who are familiar with a company’s brand will draw conclusions about that company’s product, even before they have seen the product.

In your case, you probably didn’t set out to “make” your brand, either; rather, you probably set out to “make” a horror novel. But in the process of developing your novel, you adopted a style, and this style – whether you know it or not – is about to become your brand.

When you were considering your “competitors” as a writer of horror novels, you doubtless thought of a fellow named Stephen King. King is the master of horror. Horror is the King brand. Any reader familiar with King’s work, upon seeing a new cover in the bookstore bearing the King name, immediately knows what to expect from the book.

Yes, brand is powerful. But more importantly, brand lasts! Imagine you were walking through a bookstore 20 years after reading Carrie and Cujo and The Shining­, and you came across a new bedtime story by Stephen King. Would you take it home and read it to your 3-year old?

Here is the great paradox of marketing: “Your brand is not your product, but your product is your brand.” Almost no one sets out to “make” a brand. (Well, if you’re a brand strategist, that’s exactly what you do, but most people “make” thinks like books, or sneakers, or earth-moving equipment.) But in the process of making their “product,” they also develop a brand. And in time, the brand becomes more powerful than the product itself, until, eventually, the only thing the consumer knows about you – even before you make your next product – is your brand.

The message for authors is simple: Take control of your marketing; own your product; make your brand.


How To Buy Prescription Ski and Snowboarding Goggles

There are so many great ski and snowboard resorts in the United States! It’s no wonder that many people have a pair of prescription goggles on their wish lists.

What should you look for when you are in the market for a pair of prescription goggles?

1. Make sure they can handle your prescription.

Even if the manufacture says the goggles can handle a prescription, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the goggles can handle your prescription. So, when you shop for your goggles, make sure the salesperson has seen your prescription first.

Some goggles will allow you to install the prescription lenses right into the original goggle lens. These are the most luxe option, but they will have the most prescription limits, too.

Most other designs will come with a prescription insert option. You simply bring the insert to our office, we fill your prescription into it with our lab, and voila! You are off to the slopes in style!

You can just wear goggles over your glasses, which, for some, works fine. Just be aware that this will never be as comfortable, and you will have the issues of added weight and two lenses that could potentially fog up on you.

2. Decide what color lens you want.

Think about when you do most of your snow activities. Is it sunny out? Cloudy? Morning? Evening? Different colored lenses are ideal for different situations. Here are a few suggestions:

-If you go mostly on bright, sunny days, opt for a polarized lens in a black/grey or green/grey (G-15) color.

-If you go on low light / grey days, try a rose lens.

-Yellow, Gold, and Amber lenses help you get better contrast (so you can see all the lumps and bumps in the snow better), and are good for low-medium light days. They may be too bright, though, if it is sunny. A brown lens will do better for those bright days if you still like more contrast. Keep in mind that brown lenses will make the world appear yellowish.

-Grey lenses will make everything darker, and will not change the colors of what you see. These lenses may be a bit too dark for stormy days, however.

-Mirror Coatings on any of the above lens will let less light penetrate the lens, giving you a darker, more comfortable view.

3. Make sure that the lenses offer UVA and UVB protection.

Also, make sure your lenses are made by a reputable company. The lenses only have to offer UV protection at the time of inspection, so many of the less respectable, cheap lenses have a coating that can wash off after a few cleanings.

Polycarbonate and trivex lenses are 100% UV protectant, even when they are clear, so they are always a safe bet.

High levels of UV exposure has been linked to cataracts and other diseases, so don’t skimp on this point!

4. Try them on!

Make sure that the goggles fit you comfortably. If possible, attempt to try them on with the prescription insert inside before you purchase them (even if the insert does not have the prescription in it yet), just to make sure they are comfortable and not awkward with the insert. Also, make sure the strap is easy to adjust, and that you can see clearly in your periphery (out of the sides).

Brands to Consider:

There are new brands of ski goggles being introduced all the time. These are some of our favorite for prescription wearers:

Bolle Prescription Adapter

Bolle offers a prescription adapter for their Commando, Nebula, Boost, Nova, Monarch, Fathom, X9, Y6, Shark, and Quasar goggles. We can mount your prescription lenses in these adapters easily. These adapters can be purchased at many online retailers, including


Julbo offers a prescription adapter that fits just about all of their goggles.

Body Specs

Body Specs offers a huge line of prescription goggle options. The only downside is that they fit more like a Rec Spec or a sunglass than a true ski goggle. But, a smaller pair of goggles under a helmet might be more comfortable.


Renting Your Next Holiday Home

The DIY holiday property rental market has increased dramatically over the last few years. This is due to various factors including the explosion of the internet, a desire to cut out the commission charged by the high street travel agent, and the satisfaction of bringing one’s own research to fruition.

So what makes a good holiday home?

Requirements from a holiday home will differ from group to group and as will indeed the reason for the holiday. It is best to make a list for both, so that when you do your research you cover all the bases.

Expanding this point. You know your family or friends who will be holidaying with you. Would they be content to be in a remote spot, or do they prefer to be within walking distance of bars and restaurants and of course the beach? Do they wish to be near leisure activities such as horse riding or golf? If you have grandparents with you don’t forget that they may well want to be able to do there own thing. They will not want to be with you 24 x 7, they might wish to be able to walk into the village/town/resort to get treats for the kids, or just to have an hour on there own. Make sure you ask them what they want to get from the holiday. If you have teenagers/young adults with you, they may not thank you if there is nowhere to go ‘clubbing’. The aim is to keep everyone happy.


Renting villas for holidays is very popular, they provide a general feeling of luxury. A villa sleeping traditionally 2-20 can often be cheaper than renting a room or rooms in an apartment or hotel. Most villas come complete with an outdoor pool. However wonderful it sounds you must consider Health and Safety issues. Not many pools will be fenced off so you will have to watch small children closely. If teenagers remember they might be able to swim, however consider the effects of alcohol. Even a glass of wine over the family lunch can take effect in the heat! The good thing about villas are that one is not tied to meal times and you can do just as you please, eat outdoors or in, on site or go out.


Apartments are one of the favourites with teenagers and families. The good thing about apartments is that they are normally grouped together around gardens/pools with a bar or and restaurant. If you have children or teenagers they can make new friends and to some extent amuse themselves. The owners may put on some entertainment. Check the advert for full details. The quality of apartments can vary so make sure you know what you are booking. There are varying types of rooms available ranging form studio’s, to 1, 2 or even 3 bedrooms. Fully consider your needs before make a booking. I always like to have more room than I need on holiday. So for example depending on price, for 2 persons, I tend to book a one bed roomed apartment rather than a studio. This provides that extra bit of space for your baggage.

Important points to consider when making your decision.

Cleaning: You will be expected to keep the villa/apartment reasonably clean and tidy. Check the detail on the website. One can sometimes arrange for someone to come and do the basics for you. This might be included in the price or incur an additional charge.

Linen change: Again check the detail regarding linen changes. Most adverts will offer a change on a 14 night holiday, however some will charge additional monies as well! If it is not clear on the advert ask! Also check regarding the provision of towels. Some properties provide even the beach towels which will save you quite a bit of weight for a large family. More room for duty free goods!

Directions: When booking check how you will receive the address and directions from the airport. Often the website permits these to be down loaded once full payment is obtained. Ask where the keys are collected from. It is not unusual to collect them form under the geranium pot outside, but you do need to know.

Terms and conditions: Make sure you fully read and understand these fully! These will inform you as the following: The time you can enter and must leave the premises, (You can sometimes re-arrange this to fit in with flight times); Security Deposits (This is a refundable deposit. A claim can be made against by the owner/agent for loss or breakages); and cancellation charges.

Welcome packs: Welcome packs are often either provided for free or at a modest cost, (on a per person basis). A pack will see you through your drink and possibly light meal. That said I know some owners/agents who supply a feast fit for a king or queen. Again check the advert. If a pack is not free do consider your arrival time at your holiday home. Will the shops be open? If likely to be closed you will be grateful for the basics to be delivered for you.


Online Flower Delivery – Make Gift Giving Easy

Online flower delivery makes giving gifts and sending your thoughts much simpler than ever before. If you have been looking for the best in hassle-free gift giving, ordering flowers online is a great way to give great gifts and save a lot of time and effort. You can often find specials including free delivery on flowers, same day flower delivery when you choose local destinations, and gift baskets and special occasion bouquets that will be sure to brighten anyone’s day. It does not matter what the occasion is, because gift giving with online flower delivery is the perfect solution for just about anything.

Online flower delivery is simple. You can go to the website, search through the available bouquets and other products to determine which flowers or gift baskets you want to send, and then determine where they are going and how they are delivered. In a matter of minutes, depending on how long you spend admiring all the beautiful flowers, you can have a great gift on its way to your recipient with less effort than you might have thought possible. From get well flowers to thank you gifts, online delivery is a quick and easy way to let people know that you care.

When you order flowers online, they are handpicked that same day and shipped for next day delivery in most cases. Being able to get truly fresh flowers makes your experience that much more enjoyable because you won’t have to worry about making sure that the flowers survive the trip. Many people have found some online flower delivery companies to not have the best flowers available, but tropical Hawaiian flowers are always picked the same day and shipped immediately to guarantee their appearance and keep them alive and beautiful for much longer so that they can be enjoyed.

Online flower delivery is affordable, as well. Many people don’t realize how inexpensive it can be to send flowers to someone special when you use online delivery services. The internet has brought so many more resources to people that they might not have had otherwise, including things like online flower delivery with beautiful flowers straight from Hawaii delivered to your doorstep the next day. If you’ve been looking for an easy but appreciated gift idea, consider sending flowers. With online flower delivery, everyone wins no matter what the occasion for gift giving might be.


Protecting Freelance Writing Service Clients from Plagiarism – Plagiarism is Stealing

Intellectual plagiarism has always been an issue of concern for authors of scholarly as well as literary material. The explosion of information technology has complicated the management of plagiarism but has not changed the seriousness of its implications.

Plagiarism as defined by the Concise Oxford Dictionary is: the taking and use of another person’s thoughts, writings, and inventions as one’s own. Loyola University, on their website defines stealing this way – “to take or appropriate (another’s property, ideas, etc.) without permission.” When comparing these definitions, it becomes apparent that they are equivalent. Thus, plagiarism is stealing at its basis.

A freelance writing service must take extraordinary measures to ensure writers understand the moral and ethical issues associated with plagiarism. Although software programs, like copy-scape, can compare written material to other material on the web to ascertain blatant plagiarism, this is not enough. These programs are significantly less capable of ascertaining the pillaging of intellectual thoughts and ideas and this is where a writing service must direct its efforts.

A freelance writing service must put into place mechanisms to assure their clients that the products they commission are original content and adhere to stringent standards of giving appropriate credit to any and all authors whose thoughts and ideas were used in the document to fortify the information. Use others ideas and thoughts in writing is an appropriate practice if the ideas are paraphrased and credit given in the body of the document and a full citation provided in a reference section.

The question becomes then, how does a freelance writing service monitor an author’s appropriate use of intellectual property? The question is easier to pose than to answer. It would seem that there needs to be a series of strategies including what this company has done by: asking a writing applicant to define there beliefs about plagiarism and requiring an applicant to produce an essay on plagiarism, such as this one.

Beyond these strategies, it would seem that a company must have a quality monitoring process in place that would include a period of time when the work of new writers is monitored and checked for adherence to standards. When a writer successfully completes the probation period, then a process of randomized intermittent review of products might help to keep writers on the straight and narrow.

In the end though, it seems that valuing the intellectual property of others has to come from within each writer. If a writer does not have the inherent integrity to honor and respect the intellectual property of others, then it won’t matter how many hoops a system has them jump – through to ensure integrity – they will be ever looking for new ways to beat the system.

Although this may feel like a pessimistic point of view, it is reality. There are some people who do not either understand intellectual property rights or they don’t value them. Systems will always need to be operated to protect the property of others and the shame of this is that the cost of this monitoring is passed on to the clients of freelance writing service.