3. Selfish Symptoms: materialistic, aggressive, and prefer to ask than to give. How: Happiness would be obtained if we can help others.

4. Stagnation Symptoms stop one phase, making us feel bored, bored, and not happy. How to: Keep growing, meaning that we continue in our future ambitions.

5. Sense of inferiority Symptoms: loss of self-confidence and self-confidence and feel they have no ability to compete.

Method: A person cannot win if before the war certain he will lose. When we are confident in our ability, in fact, we’ve got half of the target we want to achieve. So, success begins when we believe that we can achieve it.

6. Narcissistic Symptoms: a superiority complex, too arrogant, false pride. Method: The proud will easily lose friends, because, without the presence of a friend, we will not be happy. In humility, we will naturally want to hear other people making 50 percent chance of success we have achieved.

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