2012 is set to be a momentous time, the very first winter youth Olympic games is going to be held in January, the US are going to hold a presidential election and the United Kingdom will commemorate the diamond jubilee of Queen Elizabeth. But if you’re getting excited about 2013 don t get your hopes up, given that based on some forecasts, the entire world is due to end on December 21, 2012. In case you enjoy Christmas, take full advantage of this season and the next, since based on the Mayan calendar, they’ll be your last. Potentially.

Before Europeans showed up in Meso-America, the population employed an elaborate combination of calendars to record their days. The Haab or solar calendar, both a timepiece and Mayan art form, was created from 18 20 day months along with a interval of 5 days called Wayeb to bring the sum to 365.

The Tzolkin however was a cycle of 260 days, thirteen multiplied by 20. No-one has learned quite why 260 days were picked, although it seems the numbers 13 along with 20 were each important to these early cultures. There exists a possibility that it was associated with the amount of time in between a woman’s first skipped period and the birth of her child, and made it easier to calculate when a baby would be born, however various other ideas about crop harvesting and astrological observations might be equally correct. Nearly all dates could be established by a combination of the Haab and Tzolin, the cycle would come along one time every fifty-two years, that is about once in every life time.

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