Planning a Retirement Party – Tips to Make Your Party a Success

Planning a retirement partyshould include a tribute to memories, but also a time for looking forward to something new. When a person retires after many years, especially if he or she has been at the same job for a long time, it is a huge change. Work, in many ways, is the other family that is not at home. A party should include close friends and associates from work. A plaque representing their time spent at their job is always a valued gift. A book complete with pictures of award nights and party nights with the company can also be a much appreciated gift. A piece of private luggage that has name plaques or logos of the business might also work for one of the ideas. There is plenty of opportunity here to use the imagination and create an interesting retirement party.

Planning a retirement party often comes with a retirement dinner and entertainment or dancing, depending if you are at a hall or at a home. For entertainment you can have contests, depending on what they have done for a living. For example, a number of people who worked at a watch repair shop blindfolded workers and timed them on how fast they could assemble a watch. They were asked to open a watch, take out and replace the battery, and put the watch back together. A seemingly impossible task for some of us, but the results of this competition were fairly good. As is the case in most competitions, the winner should receive a gift.

Another example of a retirement party is when a restaurant manager retired. The employees held a contest over who knew the exact ingredients in a specific dish. They were asked asked about the proper presentation of the dish. This kind of game might suit your retirement party. The person retiring may be going away for a holiday with his partner and or family.

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